I am a Research Economist at the Bank of England and a member of the Centre for Macroeconomics. I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Cambridge in 2023. During my studies, I was a Dissertation Fellow at the Federal Reserve Board.

You can reach me at daostry@gmail.com and find me on: LinkedIn | Bank of England | Google Scholar | IDEAS

Research Updates:

[April 2024] New Publication: The Asymmetric Effects of Quantitative Tightening and Easing on Financial Markets      Economics Letters (forthcoming)

[February 2024] New Draft: Granular Banking Flows and Exchange-Rate Dynamics 

[December 2023] New Draft: Firm Financial Conditions and the Transmission of Monetary Policy 

[June 2023] New Paper: Tails of Foreign Exchange-at-Risk (FEaR)

[July 2023] Presentations: U.S. Risk and Treasury Convenience (NBER Summer Institute); Firm Financial Conditions and the Transmission of Monetary Policy (NBER Summer Institute)


2023 Oxford Saïd-ETH Zurich Macro-Finance Conference: Discussion of "Intermediary Balance Sheets and the US Treasury Yield Curve" by Du, Hébert and Li

2022 CEMLA Conference: Discussion of "Monetary Policy Under Labor Market Power" by Burya, Mano, Timmer and Weber